Incepted in 1970 Vaibhav’s Creations is a brand derived by the desire to make design available in an affordable yet excellent quality. Started by Shree Jai Ram Das Miglani and being continued by his three generations, we are proud to be one of the oldest cloth merchants in Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi.

Armed with smartphones, customers can now get instant product and price comparisons from thousands of vendors. However, some retailers are taking advantage of this and are charging a higher price for the product. To address this monopoly and to try and curb the distance between the customer and the wholesaler, we came up with an idea to deliver products at a wholesale price at your doorstep by launching this website.

Vaibhav's creations is a leading manufacturer of exclusive Shirting Fabrics, Dress materials and Gift Packs. Our clients range from a variety of business sector including Large Scale Shirt Manufacturers, School Uniform vendors and various industrial players. 

The customer is the heart of our business model. Thus, our vision is inspired by the belief to offer fashion, design, culture, and services that enable our customers to express themselves most satisfyingly. As our forefathers rightly said ‘our pride lies in serving the customers’, thus for over 50 years now, our goal has been to meet customers’ expectations by providing them with high-quality products.

To ensure quality, we buy our grey material from India’s top Weaver and carefully finish the fabric in top Dyeing Mills of Maharashtra and Gujarat, thus taking our first step towards products of the highest caliber.

We also share an excellent relationship with the brand “Raymond” and are the company’s authorized Wholesale Dealer.

What we offer:

1.  Our wide range of products includes:
  • Shirting Fabrics having a blend of Cotton, Poly Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, Linen, and Pima Cotton
  • Suiting Fabrics having a blend of Polyviscose, Wool Blend, and Merino Wool.
  • Khadi Fabrics, Kurta Fabrics, Poplin-Terirubiya fabrics, and much more.  

2.  Marriage, a sacred bond, that is made out of love, faith, and companionship we feel it is our responsibility to make that day special by offering you beautiful suiting fabrics for the groom and exquisite range of affordable combo and gift packs.

3.  We are also the largest wholesaler of Dhoti in Delhi and have taken a great initiative in maintaining its great importance in the Indian Culture and Heritage. For centuries, many communities and religions across India and many other parts of the world have been wearing 'Dhoti' as it is considered the purest form of cloth.

You trust us to bring you quality, reliable products worthy of your most important projects. Dealing with both wholesale and retail customers, Vaibhav’s Creations guarantees to offer ‘the finest fabric in India’.